Rules for Use of

Calvert Beach Gated Parking Area and Boat Ramp


Calvert Beach is private and for the use of Calvert Beach residents only.

The use of the parking area and boat ramp are available to dues paying members of CBCA. These dues are used to maintain the parking area, the boat ramp, picnic tables, trash containers, portable toilets and other community expenses.

CBCA Parking Permits are required to park in the lot. Permits are mailed to members upon receipt of their dues and must be displayed on the dash or visor of their vehicle when parked in the lot. Permits expire each May 31st. Keys for the gate are available to owners whose dues payment is current. The keys may be obtained for $10. Unauthorized vehicles may be towed by a towing company selected by the CBCA. Parking at the boat ramp area is only permitted beyond the locked gate in the parking area. Note: the area outside the gate is a designated fire lane.

The beach is not protected by lifeguards and all activities are at your own risk.

A sign is located at each entrance to the beach with additional rules.

Dog waste bag dispensers are also located at each entrance. The dog waste bags have been provided for your convenience and should only be used for cleaning up after your dog. Help keep our beaches clean. Please pickup after your dog.


It is expected that all users of Calvert Beach property will consider the rights of others at all times.

A gathering of 15 or more on the beach requires a permit issued in advance of the event. This permit form may be obtained on the Calvert Beach web site and must be submitted for approval to a board member at least 5 days in advance of the event. A refundable (upon verification of site clean-up) security deposit of $50 is required at the time of application for the permit. See the ‘Contacts’ section of the website to see to whom the permit should be presented. Permits will be issued only to Calvert Beach Residents current on dues and the resident must be present for the event. A permit does not entitle the group to prevent other residents from using the beach or the parking area. The boat ramp must remain available to boaters at all times.

Click here for Reservation Application Form.



  1. At the boat ramp area, all vehicles must park in the parking area beyond the gate. The gate must remain locked during your visit and after departure.
  2. At Avenue D, parking is prohibited wherever indicated by ‘No Parking’ signs. Violators will be ticketed by the Sheriff’s Department. The circular driveway at the end of Avenue D is private property and may not be used, except to load and unload supplies for the beach.
  3. Vehicles are not permitted to drive on the beach.


Must be placed in trash receptacles or removed from the beach area.


Must be attended at all times and must be fully extinguished before leaving the area (no fires are allowed during the “no-burn” season).


Climbing or digging on the cliffs is prohibited.

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Department Is Authorized To Enforce These Rules.