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CBCA 2020 Annual Meeting & Election

We hope all our members, residents and all of your families are doing well through these trying times. Due to the COVID19 pandemic we are planning to hold an online virtual annual meeting on 5/19/20 at 6:30 pm using a program called Zoom, more information will be forthcoming in our spring newsletter. The newsletter will be mailed out the week of 4/19/20. Payment of annual dues and voting for the election will be conducted strictly through the mail. We will mail out the new parking passes for those members who have purchased keys and will not be re-keying the lock this year, so your current key will continue to work.
The members of the board have all agreed to re-run for their positions this year, however if you would like to run for a position on the board we have formed an election committee which includes Robert Gibbs, Theresa Neumann and Shannon Jones. If you would like to run for a position please send an email to CalvertBeachBoard@gmail.com by 4/10/20 and the election committee will get in touch with you to place you on the ballot.
Our current board of directors consists of:
President – Rick Salen
Vice President – Michelle Morris
Secretary – Chase Maggiano
Treasurer – Theresa Neumann
Director – Mike Latham
Director – Robert Gibbs
1 Year Trustee – Shannon Jones
2 Year Trustee* – Paul Murdoch
*Note the 2 year Trustee position is not up for re-election this year

Volunteer Needed:
The CBCA is looking for a member who would volunteer their time to be our webmaster and take care of managing the CBCA website. If you would like to volunteer to be our webmaster please send an email to CalvertBeachBoard@gmail.com


If you would like to purchase a CB window decal, please send an email to Michelle at shellya30@gmail.com



Calvert Beach is located in St. Leonard, Maryland. It’s a community of approximately 390 properties which are adjacent to and have access to the beaches of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.

Dues are $60 per year and if you want a key to the parking area, the key fee is an additional $10

New Parking area rules are now in effect:
1. No campers, RV’s or oversized vehicles are allowed in the parking area.
2. No overnight parking in the boat ramp area is allowed without prior approval of the CBCA Board.
3.The parking lot/picnic tables will be closed Sunday through Thursday at 10 pm and Friday and Saturday at 12am.

This website is provided by the Calvert Beach Civic Association (CBCA) as a service to our residents and owners.

The CBCA invites you to explore other pages on our website to learn more about our community.

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